Jewelry Care

All of our jewelry is made with high-quality, ultra sparkling cubic zirconia center stones set in classic .925 sterling silver settings. Our jewelry is tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, and made to be the perfect accessory to commemorate an even more perfect moment. To ensure your jewelry stays as vibrant and beautiful as it was since the first day you wore it, here are a few ways to care for your jewelry:

Treat it Like Royalty

Do not shower, swim, workout, run, cook, or clean while wearing your jewelry. Exposing it to sweat, water or moisture can speed up the natural tarnishing process and can dull the sparkle from the center stones. Keep your jewelry dry to ensure it remains in good condition.


Always Put it Back in its Home

To prevent impurities from dulling your jewelry make sure to always store it in the soft cloth bag that is provided with every one of our jewelry pieces.

Wear Your Jewelry Proudly!

Of course, your jewelry cannot be properly cared for unless you wear it proudly! Dress it up, dress it down, wear it out, and turn heads with its sparkle!